Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rising Tide 4 is in the bag

Rising Tide is done. I had many wonderful conversations about levees, the Saints, the city, politics, and cars.

Ashe Dambala, of The American Zombie won the Ashley Morris Award this year. His (her?) reporting on corruption in the city, especially Greg Meffert and his crooked crew. Many thanks for the hard work and congratulations for being the first to drag the bastards out into the spotlight.

Drove Patches to the Zeitgeist. Every time I drive the truck, a smile comes to my face (despite the lack of A/C). I enjoyed bragging about the truck and showing it off to people. We've spent all the time working on it, I might as well brag about it.

See y'all next year.
Off to RT4


charlotte said...

Photo = "like", in FB-speak. :)

Leigh C. said...

Dammit, I shoulda gone out and formally met Patches. It was great seeing you and Candice, though!


clarance carter would be proud.