Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rising Tide 4: Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer is this year's keynote speaker.

Quick notes and liveblogging on Harry Shearer's keynote speech below:
* New Orleans has lost the battle in the media over the story of Katrina and the city's recovery.

* His blog posts get filled with comments about how calling New Orleanians to 'lift themselves up by their wet bootstraps, welftard.' He spends and inordinate amount of time rebutting and refuting those commenters (ARE YOU LISTENING, NOLA.COM!).

* Media Bias = LAZINESS ABOVE ALL ELSE! (Ex.- Shearer's rooftop living in L.A. story).

* Katrina as a storm vs. Katrina as a federal flood. Janet Napolitano, on a recent "fact-finding" tour of New Orleans said, "You'll never be able build a levee big enough to protect New Orleans." {Me} Oh really, that's your expert engineering opinion on the matter?

* Bloggers as the successors to journalists.

* Daily journalists/bloggers under a lot of pressure to publish everything immediately, often to the detriment to the story. Often should be tempered by more educated perspective.

* Relationships with sources. Robert Novak story about how, 'you're a source or a target, Karl Rove's "I'm a source, not a target" sign.'

* Harry Shearer's radio show coming to WWNO in New Orleans.

* Harry Shearer tries the inside game and get NOLA some love from the Obama administration. Shearer told White House rep that there wasn't any funding in the Stimulus Bill for finishing the levee work. Tries the inside game, gets the run around (for the most part). Some constructive talks with Janet Woodka, Obama's Gulf Coast Czar (who's office will be dissolved in about a month). The only care that Axelrod & Rahm have for New Orleans is to bash Bobby Jindal. Shearer is done with playing the inside game.

* Shearer talked with Brian Williams about why the Federal Flood story got buried. Brian honestly confesses that emotional sob stories are emphasized over factual stories about New Orleans. Video below:

Harry Shearer @ #RT4: On confronting Brian Williams at Tulane U in June 2006 from Crystal Kile on Vimeo.

* "Dutch Dialog" for New Orleans. Planning committee mentioned in Harry's speech.

* Had New Orleans "won" the media war, people wouldn't think that there was only a problem for people "down there."

UPDATE- Maitri has more.

UPDATE 2- Added video. Minor punctuation edits.

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