Thursday, August 27, 2009

Found on the Idiot Page

Usually, the Letters to the Editor page is pretty dumb. My dad sometimes called it the "Idiot Page."

There were a few interesting ones recently, though.

James Gill wrote a wonderful little article comparing Congressman turned convict William Jefferson's illegal bribery to Congressman turned lobbyist Bob Livingston's legal bribery. Livingston was not amused, but his response shows how out of touch he is with reality. A couple of readers were happy to point out how asinine his response was.

Violence begins at home. Reader points out how so many parents, whether they are black or white trash, seem to derive plenty of perverse pleasure from beating the shit out of their 2-8 -year-olds.

I saw a future killer Monday. He was about 2 years old.

As he and his mother stood on the corner of South Broad Street and Louisiana Avenue, she was not holding his hand. And as cars passed and he slowly began toddling into the street he tripped and fell (fortunately). His mother pulled him up by the shirt like a rag doll and smacked him in the head, then continued across the street yelling at him as she dragged him by his upper arm with his feet barely touching the ground. This is a common scenario that most of us have witnessed...

That's one of the things that really sickens me about New Orleans.


Leigh C. said...

And then there's this:

We are afraid, as a community, of what will happen when we admonish others publicly concerning their behavior, no matter what age they are. And the kids are paying the price the long term, we will all be paying for this.

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