Sunday, August 9, 2009

Links of the day - 9 Aug 09

Mostly lighter material today:

Americans that know math *GASP* actually make money. 14 out of the top 15 highest paying jobs for recent graduates are engineering or computer science. (H/T Maitri). It pays to learn math. Remember kiddies, do your algebra homework.

How a T-Rex Femur Spawned a Scientific Smackdown. Great article about Bioinformatics.

Nuns get 112 MPH ticket. "But we're on our way to see the Pope!" That's what they all say...

How a differential gear works:

Great 1930's video.

THE must-have gun accessory of the year. Cupholder to hold your beer at the range.

Pete Sessions (R-Texas), fierce earmark critic, earmarks millions of dollars for blimp research in Texas. "Blimp Researchers" background? Yet Ferguson acknowledged that neither he nor his father has a background in the defense or aviation industries, nor any engineering or research expertise. Their qualifications? Being friends with a Representative.

TV is best contraceptive? "80 per cent of population growth can be reduced through TV.”

Port Fourchon still extremely vulnerable to hurricanes. Port Fourchon took a moderate hit during Katrina/Rita, but was able to be repaired in short order. It was critical in quickly restoring oil production.

10 Strangest Movie Sex Scenes. No tree-rape scene? Also, Re-Animator is one fucked up film.

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