Monday, November 5, 2007

No more gasoline leak!

Shortly after I got my '62 Chevy, I tried to gas 'er up. As I'm filling the gas tank up, I look down to see a puddle of gasoline around my feet. Needless to say, this quickly became a top priority to fix. Oh yeah, and I have a new steering wheel:

The old one was a tiny one off a Maserati that looked bad and made the truck almost impossible to turn. It will soon reside on Candice's wall.

Anyway, back to the gas tank. First thing we did was rip out the bench seat:

Once we did that, I found the culprit:

The fuel hose that connects the tank with the filling cap was dry rotted. Gasoline flowing down the tube would flow around the tank and into the cab. From there, the fix was pretty straightforward.

Oh yeah, and if you're curious on what's inside your gas tank, here's a photo:

There was also a paint stirring stick in there. Don't ask me why.

Next week will be replacing the water pump, replacing a burnt out headlight, working on the electrical system, and (assuming I get all of the above done) trying to get a brake tag. Wish me luck on that last one.

UPDATE- Oh yeah, one other thing. It's amazing how much space you have on these old trucks. Also, you need remarkably few tools. All you need is a good socket set, some screwdrivers, and muscle.

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