Thursday, November 29, 2007

Project Truck Update: 30 November 2007

Not a very big update right now.

One of the things that I really like about this truck is the suspension setup. It's very similar to some of the Mini-Baja cars we used to build in Tulane Engineering. Here are a couple of cool photos from '02-'03 cars:

The truck uses double A-arms in the front and a trailing arm suspension in the rear. The whole setup is accessible, simple, and I am extremely familiar with it.

One of the previous owners decided to lower the front end of the truck. He didn't do it the proper way by installing new spindles and shocks and whatnot. He just loosened the torsion bar all the way out.

Anyway, since I'm not doing any drag races just yet, I want the ride height to be normal. I just tightened this nut (with liberal amounts of elbow grease) and voila:

As a reminder, here's the before:

Speaking of Project Cars, Jalopnik just posted The greatest Project Car Hell ever. Project Car Hell (PCH) is where they pick out a junker that you must spend the rest of your life restoring. Happily. Reminds me of this Mechanical Engineer's project. Ah, the joys of Mechanical Engineering.


Dambala said...

I want to take this bad boy for a spin when you get it finished.

suspension lift kit whiz said...

Did you install truck suspension lifts for this great project?

TB said...

Hey I love the buggy. We built one last year in our garage. check it out if you would like..

Seo Link Master said...
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