Monday, November 26, 2007

Tom Friedman is dead to me

Obama/Cheney '08?

That's it. I'm sick and tired of putting up for this schmuck. I've defended him way too long. I've been a huge fan of his since "From Beiruit to Jeruselum" and have tolerated his delusions and bullshit for a while. I thought his earlier genius and economic insights would reemerge, but I've now come to the conclusion that he's lobotomized himself.

I remember reading that he was one of the highest paid journalists in the biz. To think that the Mainstream media pays him to live in a palace, while much better writers like Taibbi and Dave Zirin struggle to get their work out there.

Please, NY Times! Put him back behind the pay wall so nobody will read this junk anymore!

I'll let 23/6 handle the rest for me...


Leigh C. said...

Sad to think that his first book was the zenith. ugh.

Pistolette said...

I still read him. I don't need to be in complete agreement with someone to enjoy their work (heh, I wouldn't be reading much if that were the case!). I take what I like, and leave what I don't. No one is perfect, especially in the political op-ed biz. I'm particularly fond of his work in the middle east, though less excited about his ideas regarding globalization.

Dambala said...

come on over to this side...the world isn't flat but TF's mind is.

Clay said...

The thing with Friedman is he kept hyping all the good that could come of Iraq. Over and over. Way past when it became clear that Iraq was a permanent clusterfuck.

Most people would be humbled/humiliated by having the "Friedman Unit" named in their honor and would be more careful with what they say in the future. Not Friedman. Open mouth, insert foot.