Monday, November 5, 2007

Odds and Ends - Guy Fawkes Day

She used to boink Tom Brady, now she's concerned about the falling dollar. Who knew Gisele Bundchen kept up on economics?

Do you know how Oil started? The early history of oil, ending with Col. Drake's well.

You know what, I rip on insurance companies a fair amount, but every once and a while, you have to feel a twinge sorry for them: Flaming Squirrel Torches Jersey Woman's Car. This insurance claim will go down with "car totaled by falling whale:"

Meet the new chief of Chevron's New Orleans operations. Chevron is putting all of its nickels into Gulf of Mexico Exploration and Production, so she's an important figure.

Oil worker squeeze could lead to supply shortage. Yipee for me. Not so much for just about everyone else.

50 Ideas to Save the Earth (PDF) Some are pretty nifty. Pretty well-rounded article covering a lot of different bases.

Army Corps of Engineers warns of impending dam collapse. The cynic in me says, "Aha, so that's how they're going to pacify Iraq. Worked in New Orleans!"

One in three Lotto winners broke in 5 years. The moral of the story? If you're bad with money you're going to be broke. Even if you win the lottery.

Truckers angry over diesel costs. When a truckers are saying to each other over their CB's, "George Bush is going to go down in history as the president who destroyed America,” you know things are getting bad for Bushie.

Down the Street: New Orleans Chevy Impala. The story behind the French Quarter rust bucket.


Leigh C. said...

Heh, Gisele Bundchen's just worried for her young 'un. A new mom's gotta be practical these days, ya know.

Leigh C. said...

Oh, and I love one of the comments on the Impala post: "THAT is patina."

Polly said...

Another point of view: Guy Fawkes Day