Thursday, November 8, 2007

Vitter back in the news

It looks like Wendy is going to bare it all in the next Hustler.

Here's the weird part: Vitter thought David Treen was out to get him. Vitter was so paranoid he'd be caught that he didn't allow the hooker to use any scents/oils/lotions and he kept his used condoms! EEEEEWWWW! If you are that paranoid, why were you calling the DC madam from your cell phone, dumbass!

I guess I'll have to buy the next issue of Hustler to find out the rest of the story. I promise I'll only read the words and will black out the photos... Great job at elevating the level of political discourse! You're doing wonders for the state's reputation!

How many days until Jindal takes office so we can be rid of this pervert?



"Small penis. VERY small penis."


UPDATE 2- Poor Vitter just got subpoenaed. Pobrecito. Just don't perjure yourself, whatever you do.


oyster said...

So I guess he'll always be LA's "junior" Senator.

Puddinhead said...

Inferring that he lacks Mary's balls?

Leigh C. said...

He lacks Mary's steel ovaries. I've said it before and I'll say it again: steel ovaries beat namby-pamby brass cojones to filings any day. Period.