Saturday, September 6, 2008

Aerial Hunting?!?!

Let me make this very clear: I have no problem with hunting. I spent the whole time in Mississippi in a cabin surrounded by trophies from a former president of the Boone and Crocket Club (who also happens to be a hell of a writer). I also understand the need for wildlife management, especially regards to predators. I walked Susie in the woods with a gun because she might run into wild animals. But this is sick:

Palin's Big Sleazy Safari. Palin fought hard to allow permitted wolf hunts from airplanes. Cruel doesn't even begin to describe what that subjects the animal to. There's no way in hell to get a clean shot on an animal from the air. The animal is going to slowly suffer and die or will survive and live maimed.

Also, that's a great article by Exiled. Nobody in the mainstream media would ever have the guts to write that article.

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