Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Watching the Republican Convention

Heading back to New Orleans tomorrow. Hope the traffic won't be to bad. I'm doing my laundry before I go back and for some reason I'm watching the Republican Convention. Dead God, I want to gouge my eyes out and stick hot pokers in my ears.

I've watched Romney, Giulliani, and Palin and here are my thoughts.

Romney: "After accounting for inflation, government spending has doubled since 1980." Um, who the fuck was sitting in the White House most of those years? 'McCain will cut taxes, continue Iraq, and strengthen the dollar.' Choose 2, the last 1 will have to go. Sorry.

Giulliani: Only one 9/11 out of him. Sorry Biden. His vocabulary has expanded. Why pound the experience angle with Palin on the ticket?

Palin: my first thought was deer in the headlights. She also is trying to hide that "Don't cha know" accent. Her husband is also a strong union worker (after Romney went on about how unions are bloodsuckers and incredibly powerful and intimidate businesses). "Where ever he goes, John McCain is the same man." Yeah right, like on immigration? Oh yeah, and her daughter's baby-daddy was there. He wasn't introduced and you could tell the cameramen were trying to keep him out of the shots.

One phase the Democrats were afraid of: "Islamic terrorism." One word Republicans are afraid of: "Bush."

The audience: fit for a cattle drive (as the walking burgers, not the cowboys). Or induction into the Schutstaffel. The Fox News watchers will get exactly what they want from this convention, but fortunately there were very few of them. Lots of empty seats plus it looked like they amplified the crowd noise.

Sorry if that sounds harsh but, I'm in a pissy mood today. Blame Mayor Chromedome.

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