Saturday, September 6, 2008

Restaurant Review, Evacuee Edition: Crystal Grill

I spent Gustav running around North Mississippi and there was one restaurant up there that I love. No, not Luscoe's ("The Galatoire's of the Delta") with their famous pompano. Nope, my favorite is The Crystal Grill with bitter greens and catfish. Candice and I ate there 3 days in a row for lunch. Lunch runs about $10 a person and for that you get a drink, 2 sides, entree, and desert. The blueberry cobbler was the best I've ever had. I stuck to what they did best: catfish. I had it fried, blackened and their Memphis Rub (nice and spicy).

Next time you're in Greenwood, MS, check them out. Right next to the Amtrak station.

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