Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fixing Tomato

I don't know how many people will be interested in this, but I like fixing things, so here it goes.

The driver's side exterior door handle on Tomato broke. I disassembled the door, hoping something had just come disconnected, but found a plastic retainer that holds a spring had snapped. That meant I needed a replacement. I could go to the Honda dealership on the Westbank, spend $50 and wait 3 weeks for it to arrive, but I decided to go to the newly opened Pull-A-Part junkyard on the West Bank.

Roaming the lines of cars, I found a '92 Civic hatchback.

With some persuasion, I freed the driver's side door handle. That door handle sat in my car for weeks before I finally got around to installing it.

When I finally did, I opened up the interior of the door and removed the old door handle.

I then swapped the old lock tumblers into the new door handle.

When I was done with that, I reassembled the whole mess, careful not to end up with leftover screws.

The new door handle is black and I think it looks great. I might change out the other side to make them match.

I'm slowly undoing all the damage the previous owners did to this car. I need a new windshield, paintjob, and bumpers and I need to reconnect the cigarette lighter. Those mid-90's Honda's can be kept running forever if you take care of a few basic things. For a new car, they're also surprisingly easy to work on.

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