Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nagin thrusts his shiny head back into the spotlight

Ever since his little shindig downtown, Ray Nagin has been in the spotlight (or scurrying away from it). Here's a little recap:

First off, speaking of the awards, Chris Rose lays down this steaming turd of an article. What sort of an editor doesn't hit the delete key on this article? Editors at the Times-Picayune are now in the same area as aliens and bigfoot. They don't exist, despite occasional "sightings."

Nagin then walked out of a Katrina documentary after making the ridiculous assertion that cooks are making over a thousand dollars a week.

I can't even begin to recap Mayor Numb Nuts' actions with Gustav more than I already have because it simply burns me up too much. I will say this much: when he worries about people not evacuating next time, it's almost like somewhere in his shiny head, he thinks people don't like him.

Eli recaps the Airport deal. Nagin wants to "sell that sucker" badly, but only if he is in total control of where the money goes. I'll give you a hint: none of the money will go to anything, oh, say useful.

Matt McBride returns with a report on how Nagin now wants to unilaterally flatten the city. His analysis on the timing of the "emergency order" is VERY interesting. Looks to me like it might be a wonderful opportunity for him to know down a few houses on NOAH's list before the FBI can put together a case. Conspiracy and Obstruction of Justice anyone?

UPDATE- Oh yeah, not directly related to Chromedome, there's Eli's extensive post about Southern Scrap and the personalities behind it. A must read for understanding corruption in New Orleans. Lots of connecting the dots.

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Passionate Eater said...

You've just highlighted great reasons for why the world is perplexed about where Mayor Nagin gets his facts. Sigh.