Sunday, September 21, 2008

Project Truck Update: Iron Oxide Edition

Another local Stovebolter provided me with a couple of new doors. Both of my doors have heavy damage and rust and I needed replacements.

We went to work on the new passenger door, Bondoing a few small holes, scuffing up the paint, and preparing it for primer.

Because I'm going to have to start deciding about the paint scheme on the door, I'm thinking about interior colors. Back in the 60's, bright, 2-tone colors were all the rage. Red and white and blue and white were popular. Here's an example or two.

Recently, I noticed the water pump I installed a few months ago is rusty as hell and has sprung a small leak. I picked up a new, long-nosed water pump from O'Reilly the other day. The long-nosed ones are relatively hard to find. Thanks to that find, I can use my chrome alternator bracket when I install it (more engine chrome ;-) ). So I don't make the same mistake twice, I'm priming it and I'm going to paint it. Right now, the color options I'm thinking of are either black or bright blue to match the fan.

Now here's my big quandary:

What to do with the only undented driver's side door? My one is too badly dented to work with:

Anyone got any ideas for the rust monster? I was thinking phosphoric acid, but I need a smooth surface to paint. There's always the rat rod option. Know any good, cheap sandblasters in town? It wouldn't take 30 minutes with an industrial sized sandblaster.

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