Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stand Back: I'm Going to Try Science!

Today could be our last day on Earth. The Large Hadron Collider is starting up. Steven Hawking puts the odds of a black hole ripping apart the earth at "less that 1%." What does the LHC mean for the US? It means we're falling behind in science and science education at an alarming rate. Remember, Particle Physics is "the branch of science that delivered just about every major technology of the past hundred years." Computers, the atomic bomb, nanotechnology, the list goes on. And as I'm writing this post: CERN is up and running!

The US still has the best scientists in the world, but has the worst science education in the industrialized world. What are the problems with science education in the US? Well, let's ask the Mythbusters guys.

First off, you have lawyers:

Thanks to Visa, AmEx, etc. Mythbusters isn't allowed to tear gaping holes into RFID chips. Fuck you very much, assholes. I guess there are some things that are just too dangerous for people to learn, according to lawyers.

Here's how Adam Savage suggests we fix science education. Most important point: get your hands dirty.

And while we're at it, here's Jamie's thoughts on the energy crisis.

What would Houston and Galveston look like after a bad storm surge? Bad. The Houston Ship Channel becomes their MR-GO.

Phun. The coolest 2D physics sandbox ever. Free software. Excellent way to waste your entire Wednesday. Had I had this as a kid, we'd all be going around in flying cars by now.

One final comment: Remember, scientists are cooler than Denzel Washington, according to the man himself.


UPDATE- Damn I wish I had an editor sometimes. Misspelled the title. Oops. Now fixed.

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