Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crime Cameras Exposed

Gordon Russel starts investigating the crime cameras. The reactions of some of the city council members is interesting. As good as Russel's reporting is, Ashe Dambala was on this months/years ago. Is it good or bad that the best Times-Pic reporting sounds like the year old archives a blog?

There was a shooting on my block a few months ago right underneath the crime camera.

Well, a couple of weeks later, there was another shooting. Same spot. I guess same target.

This is right on my block a few houses down. Two blocks off the very busy (and very touristy) section of Magazine Street...

The camera was worthless in both shootings. The crime cameras are just a way for Nagin to look like he's doing something about crime while simultaneously funneling money to Meffert and his cronies. Meanwhile murders continue. Business as usual. And to think he was elected over the chief of police that actually knew about crime mapping and community policing...

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