Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Disaster that is the DA's Office

Oh, if I could only go on and on about Vitter... But, there are more serious problems to solve.

Maitri kicks Jordan in the balls.

Here's my letter to everyone on Maitri's list:
Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Things have descended into chaos in this city. Criminals suffer no repercussions for crimes they commit and citizens live in fear for their lives. Will I be next?

I have followed the City Council's efforts to fix the criminal justice system. Your efforts have been admirable. You haven't done a perfect job, but you've held inquiries that got close enough to the heart of the matter. You have tried to work with all parties involved. You have shown Mr. Jordan incredible patience. You have given him extra funding and time to accomplish his mission, and he still fails miserably.

Now is the time to cut Mr. Jordan off. I demand, as a voting citizen in Orleans Parish, you put maximum pressure for Jordan to quit so that a more effective DA can be put in his place as soon as possible. Cut him completely off from funding. Let Entergy disconnect the electricity to the building. Do whatever it takes to get him out and a more effective DA in.

I'm begging you to take action. Every day, another citizen loses his life on the streets of New Orleans. Failure to act or failure to act quickly enough will cost someone's life.

Every single murder victim is someone's son/daughter/mother/father/sister/brother. Don't wait a single minute.


PS- This won't solve the problem, but it will be a good first step. The next step, in case you are interested, will be correcting the plummeting morale amongst the NOPD rank and file.

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