Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vitter's Woes

A while ago, I sort of liked Vitter, but things are going downhill fast. First, he endorsed the cross dresser. Next, Fred Thompson announces and he gets buyer's remorse.

Now, busted with a hooker. Ugh. He says he's sorry and accepts responsibility. I feel sorry for the hooker.

UPDATE- Apparently, this has been going on since at least 2004! Wow! Hat tip to Adrastos.

My first question for David Vitter: Did you use a condom? If you did, he can keep his job. If he didn't, he's an idiot who should be drummed out of the Senate as soon as possible.

UPDATE2- Here's a juicy quote from his wife from back in 2004:

"I'm a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary. If he does something like that, I'm walking away with one thing, and it's not alimony, trust me."

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