Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Non-prostitution-related crime

As much as I'd love to keep hitting Vitty-Cent over the head with a baseball bat, there is also some serious news to report.

Eddie Jordan has done is again. Jordan dropped the murder charges on the quintuple murderer. Fucker. Can he do NOTHING right?

Sorry I haven't done a crime mapping update in a while. I've just been overwhelmed. I've just let it slide. Look at what Chicago Crime has put together in the meantime, though

100 MPH in a PRIUS!!! Once again, the mainstream media buried the lede in this article. I don't give a damn about Al Gore III. A Prius goes 100 mph? Now THAT is a newsworthy event.

State Lawmaker Shoots Copper Thief.

Non-crime related:
CS Monitor article about Katrina recovery on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Adrastos said...

We have a Prius and I've gotten it up to 105 mph somewhere near East Jesus Texa. It's got some zip.

Anonymous said...

"Fucker. Can he do NOTHING right?"

I think we're way past that...the question is can he do ANYTHING at all.

adrastos said...

I hate to defend Jordan but a little bird has told me that the witness is not only missing but may have been whacked.

Anonymous said...


Well, looks like she ain't dead yet.