Monday, July 2, 2007

Sicko Spoiler Thread



Clay said...

Sicko isn't something that can really be spoiled, like, say, a horror film, but I figured it would be good to separate things out anyway. I want people to see the film.

Clay said...

Here are some of my observations on the film:

* I didn't really like Fahrenheit. My first reaction after watching F911 was, "you made a movie about how bad Bush is, and THAT is the film you made?" He stretched the truth on a few things and Kerry's campaign did get some blowback from it. I have none of those criticisms about Sicko.

* He was pretty evenhanded in this one. I like how he chronicled how Hillary went from the HMO's #1 enemy to their #2 bitch (behind only Rick Santorum).

* He touched a lot of bases (lobbying, news bias, freedoms, corporate greed, etc.), but he stayed on message. None of the detours distracted from the message.

* The message, while covering an incredibly depressing subject, was also uplifting. It was hopeful. Optimistic. That is where the true genius of the film lies. "You can attract more bees with honey than bile," or so goes the quote.

* Louisiana's own Billy Tauzin gets a well deserved blow to the crotch in the film. I wonder what his momma would think if she saw the movie?

* I've heard good things about Canada's healthcare system, but can anyone else confirm the stuff he writes about the other countries? I'm just curious about individual experiences.

* I got to thinking, gee, if we're still trying to undo all the fucked up shit Nixon did, how long is it going to take to de-Bushify America? {Heh. De-Bushify/DeBathify.} Scary thought.

* The expose on how the British system was set up was fascinating. They set up the system when they were down on their luck. They were damned near bankrupt, but they set up a pretty good system in less than 8 months. Especially how Margaret Thatcher had no problems with Socialized Medicine. If we were going to set something up in America, you know that as soon as someone like Bush got in office, the first thing that he would do would be to fill the place with Michael Browns and when it failed, say, 'see, socialized medicine doesn't work.'

ashley said...

I have a friend, from P'cola who lived in NOLA for years, who now lives in Vienna. He's been there for 17 years for one reason: because he worked there, he can get state health insurance.

Sure, he pays for it, but it covers pre-existing conditions.

He can't afford to live in his home country.