Friday, July 27, 2007

Articles to check out

Church's list keeps names of murder victims alive. Great work.

Condotels coming to New Orleans. This is about the last thing we need. I've got some family members who live in Ocean Springs and everyone on the coast HATES condotels. They are basically sanctioned absentee landlords. People buy a room in the hotel, get the revenues, the management takes a small cut, and all sorts of people come through. The owners are under pressure to keep the rooms full, so they'll let anyone in and if they make themselves a nuisance, there's nobody you can really talk to. There's not one landlord. Also, you can't really pressure the company, because it's not their units. Besides, New Orleans already has a glut of both condos and hotels.

Are we reliving 1929? Interesting article. Tough to follow, though. That's why NOBODY in the mainstream media covers complex financial issues.

Re-Engineer the Corps. And it's not a Louisianian calling for the reform...

Homeless camp near city hall. I suggest it be named either "Bushville" or "Nagin Town."

It's Not Our Fault. Excellent (albeit long) blog post.

Recall Jordan website up and running. Oh yeah, and he continues his run of perfection.

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