Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vitter, Louisiana's Dumbest Politician

It's a huge contest in an incredibly packed field, but I think he takes it after DENYING a New Orleans hooker connection when there are at LEAST 2 well documented cases out there. He didn't have to say a word. He made things worse for himself and his family.

Vitter's extracurricular activities long known to insiders. It's also well known about the New Orleans hookers, too. These rumors go back the better part of a decade and continue at least through 2006, according to an anonymous staffer. What I'm pissed off about is nobody at the time over at the Times-Pic decided to investigate, despite ample evidence and leads.

Ignatius J. Reilly's Letter to David Vitter. Hilarious.

What's going to bring Vitter down is his public shitting all over fellow Republicans. They all hate his guts. If Foster were still governor, they'd all be prancing around his front lawn in diapers demanding his resignation. Blanco is giving them some pause, but if she gives them reasonable assurances that she'll appoint David Treen, Vitter will be flushed down the toilet.

Oh yeah, and what a conference yesterday! Wendy Vitter practically dared the media to come up with photos and more whores. Be careful what you wish for, Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, you might just have a strange little boy wind up at your front door saying, "Do you know my daddy?"

My prediction:

Vitter will continue to stonewall. The controversy will grow. Eventually, he'll have a one on one sit down interview with the most ball-licking, groveling, worthless sack of shit excuse for a reporter (smart money is on Geraldo!). All the questions will be vetted in advance. It will be complete crap. Then there will be some huge revelation, like photos, DNA-encrusted diapers, or a love-child. Vitter still won't resign, though. He's a stubborn bastard. Eddie Jordan and Vitter could but heads like rams during mating season and not get so much as a headache. What I think will do him in is Wendy. Oh sure, she looks like steel right now (and she is a very strong woman), but will ultimately be no match for the rumors that are being spread by the ladies of New Orleans high society. The stuff they are saying puts the rumors on the deepest, darkest corners of the internet to shame. Eventually, Wendy will snap and either divorce him/off him/ or Lorena him.

UPDATE- More shitting on fellow Republicans.

Also, he was in Houston, not on suicide watch at Ochsner.


Expiration Date said...

if you don't tell us what the High Society Ladies are saying I'm just going to scream!

Clay said...

Not only no, but hell no. That defines libel.

I'll say this much: there are plenty of cruel men out there (Hitler, Stalin, etc.), but women aren't the fairer sex by much. Remember, it was a woman at Abu Gharib giving the thumbs-up next to a pile of nekkid Iraqis...

Anonymous said...

Clay, it's only libel if it's not true, you knew it wasn't true and pubished it anyway intending harm.

If it's true, it's only slander.

blogenfreude said...

it's only libel if it's not true, you knew it wasn't true and pubished it anyway intending harm.

If it's true, it's only slander.

Huh? Libel is printed defamation. Slander is spoken defamation.

You could look it up.

Anonymous said...

The longer he stays in, the more he hurts his good friend Piyush Jindal, no?

Hell, a month from now, the local Pubbies will be so desperate to see Vitter gone that they won't mind if Blanco appoints Tinky Winky to his seat. She has absolutely no reason to cut deals for the people who crapped all over her after Katrina while they held up Haley Barbour next door as some sort of diety.

Anonymous said...

Why not just tell us what they're saying and include a disclaimer that it's unconfirmed rumors?