Monday, August 27, 2007

Crime, Poverty

"Did New Orleans Kill Helen?" All about Helen Hill. Depressing as hell. If you want some self-flagellation, read this article. Makes some very good points, though. It ends with a call to make Helen Hill's life a reason for staying in New Orleans instead of leaving. Oh yeah, still no leads on her killer. article about the criminal justice system. It mainly focuses on Central Lockup, which has been a shithole for as decades. I'm reliably informed by friends who were unfortunate enough to spend time there that it's the same shithole as before, but now you can add a moldy smell in with everything else. When I was a freshman at Tulane, I warned all my friends about how bad OPP was. I told them it was what jail is like in a third world country. I told them about how, in the early/mid 90's, they used to hand condoms to new inmates. The new inmates were supposed to beg their rapists to use the condom so they wouldn't get AIDS. After all these warnings, a few of them still ended up there. One said it was even worse than my worst description. He described how an inmate came up to him and said, "Give me a cigarette or I'm going to kill you." Fortunately, my friend was a smoker and he gave him his whole pack. He's sure that if he wasn't a smoker, he would have died right then and there.

The business of poverty. Sickening. It should be a crime. Makes you look at those Blue Hippo, et. al. commercials very differently.

I've saved the most egregious outrage for last:
[RAPE]Victim Says Police Never Came.


Here are some of the choice quotes:

"The would-be rapist left the neighborhood, without haste or fear of arrest.


"He was walking," said local artist Terrence Sanders, who followed the stranger for six blocks while waiting for a 911 operator to dispatch officers. "That's what got me so crazy. It was fast walking, but walking. He kept saying to me, 'Ain't nothing going to happen. They ain't coming.' "


"I just thank God I was there. I had a bottle and thought about hitting him with it, but then I realized I might catch a charge. The cops told me, 'Yeah, you could have been charged with assault.' The cops told me to go to the press. The cops were like, 'We need this out there.' They don't have the capacity."


When the stranger overheard Sanders describe the victim as a white woman, he [THE RAPIST] turned around and jeered, "Oh, now they'll come."


"He looked like he just got out of jail."

So many outrages in one article...

Rape is on the rise in New Orleans. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but it's rising as quickly as murder. Also, rapists have about the same chance of being brought to justice as murders under Eddie Jordan.

The rapist was running around with NO fear of being brought to justice. He didn't fear NOPD or Eddie Jordan. He didn't even fear the citizens. New Orleans can ill afford to lose its Dinerral Shavers and Helen Hills! If it takes a little vigilantism, then the citizens of New Orleans need to make criminals like this afraid. I know of a lot of women getting Concealed Carry Permits. GOOD! Shoot the rapist in the balls! Take his weapons away from him! I normally don't like blogging about guns, but If any woman is interested in learning more about concealed carry, I'd be happy to do what I can to help out.

A rapist runs free, while a cop tells a citizen that if he'd taken action, he'd have been charged with assault! Who is the system protecting!?!? If I were Terrence Sanders, I'd have been seriously tempted to slug the officer that said that...

Lastly, kudos to Terrence Sanders. He's a real hero. He saved a New Orleanian in need. He did the right thing, regardless of the outcome.

UPDATE- Has the French Quarter rapist been caught? The description is very similar. Could be the same guy. We'll see. I checked his record over at Docket Master and it's his first arrest (at least in Orleans Parish's system). Could this be a case of a guy flipping out over Katrina stress? Who knows...

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