Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recap of recent events

Excellent recap of Oliver Thomas' woes. By the NY Times.

A brief history of the Alphabet Soup organizations in NOLA. COUP, BOLD, GOLD, etc. I find if funny how nobody even knows what GOLD stands for... Required reading to follow New Orleans politics. H/T to Oyster.

Decriminalizing Mental Disorders. Excellent article. Totally ignored issue. From 600,000 beds to 40,000... Amazing.

Chris Rose on corruption. First article of his I've read in a while. Good.

View of Subsidence in New Orleans. Take a look:

Ellois rears his ugly head. Unfortunately, it's not cut off and used as a soccer ball.

2 killed in Treme. This one is close to where I live. Too close for comfort...

Minnesotans: please meet your Michael Brown. He's even got experience with the Corps! No word in the article as to whether or not he's got any experience with the Arabian Horse League or whatever the hell it was.

Speaking of the Corps... Here's their response to Time.

Discovered a new NOLA blogger today. Cliff's Crib.

Vick might be pleading guilty soon. He's fucked no matter what. Hope he gets a cellmate named Spike.


(Not photoshopped)


Schroeder said...

Did you set up that shot with Vick's jersey! Friggin' hilarious!

Note the subsidence map coincides with the bumpiest drives in New Orleans.

Charlotte said...

"Ellois rears his ugly head. Unfortunately, it's not cut off and used as a soccer ball."