Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Disturbing YouTube video

I know a few things about guns and here's what disturbs me:

That big black box on the micro-Uzi is a homemade "brass catcher." These were first used by target shooters who loaded their own ammo (recycling). Now, criminals like to use them to conceal evidence. Firing pins leave a unique impression on each primer they strike and a good forensic team can match casings with guns even easier than a bullet to a gun. Bullets get deformed. Casings generally don't. This (smart) New Orleans thug added a homemade brass catcher to make it much harder for cops to catch him. The dumb ones wreak enough havoc. God only knows if they get smart.

Oh yeah, and 5 murders in 5 days. Anybody seen Nagin or Riley or Jordan?!?!

UPDATE- Well, make that 6 murders in 5 days.

A couple of comments:
* First off, there are actually some interesting comments in the article. 95% of them are the typical racist bullshit, but there are a few that seem to be from cops. If true, they are quite interesting.
* Apparently these two had quite a history. Michael's rap sheet (partial). Demond's rap sheet (partial). If those Docket Master links don't work, let me know.
* A small part of this recent crime spike is attributable to the heat wave. There hasn't been much rain recently, which means people don't stay home as much. The heat gets on people's nerves after a while and gets people to do stupid shit. New Orleanians would be well served to follow the lead of Giants fans when Barry Zito is pitching (pray for rain).


Brian said...

You've got mail.

countyoforange1821 said...

its not homemade brass shell casing catchers are sold 20 $ to 80$ depends on the item

shy_vl_turbz said...

he aiint no thug hes a rapper c murder master ps brother and thats in tha 3rd ward project in new orleans