Monday, August 27, 2007


I've got a bunch of random stuff that I wanted to post, but didn't want to dedicate a post:

Added a few bloggers to the list. Sophmom has been commenting here for a while, but I hadn't added her to the blogroll. Sorry about that. Mosquito Coast is a recent discovery. No, it's just me spoke at Rising Tide. I also found m.d. filter because of Rising Tide.

Speaking of blogs, someone likes my site's name.

Dirty Coast store now open at 5704 Magazine!

Broken: the Army Corps of Engineers. In Mother Jones...

Recovery by the Numbers (Times-Pic). Not that bad, actually. It is starting to look like the sun is finally starting to shine through the clouds.

Chertoff might take Gonzales' place I hope this report turns out to be wrong, because Chertoff was worse than the Horse's Ass ("Heck of a job" Brownie).

Communism in the NFL... Deadspin's season preview of the Patriots. Worth a read purely for the writing.

Wired article about how inter-operable communications saved lives in Minnesota... and cost lives in New York and New Orleans. Greg Meffert has blood on his hands.

Extremely insightful article about the economy by Brian at Got Law? Been meaning to link to this for a while. What he writes about will become more and more important over the next 10 years, IMHO.


Leigh C. said...

Well, your site's name DOES kick ass and take no prisoners.

Linen-suited, stylin' man on a mission...

adrastos said...

We all love your name and your crisp white linen suit to boot.

Btw, I think Chertoff's name was floated as a trial balloon so people will think someone else is better. I don't think the WH wants to revisit Katrina. Of course, this is the bunch that brought us the war in Iraq so I could be wrong...