Monday, August 27, 2007


Dave Zirin was the keynote speaker at Rising Tide. His talk was a smash hit, as I'm sure you've heard.

I had heard of him before this on Deadspin and places like that. He's one of those guys that's been really interesting and I've always been meaning to read his stuff, but never gotten around to it.

The writing seminar was a bit boring (although I'm told the second half was much better), so I went out and chatted with him. I ended up buying his book and he signed it (with, "PS- You're with me, leather"). Oh yeah, I'm surprised no body linked to this, but here is the Jocks for Justice page

Check his book out. Also, keep a lookout over at Deadspin. Rumor has it, they'll be interviewing him very soon. Deadspin interviews are always EXTREMELY interesting. Check out this one with Harold Reynolds.


Leigh C. said...

You are correct about the Jocks 4 Justice link. Missed that one 8-(

I'm working on a "making a diff" blogroll, anyhow, so I'm glad you got that link up. Thanks!

Charlotte said...

I liked Zirin's presentation until he rather "dissed" Vick's involvement in the blood sport of dog fighting. IMO, cruelty to animals is a basic character flaw and ethically reprehensible. After that statement, I pretty much heard "blah, blah, blah", which is too bad but the truth.

BTW - Wish we could've met...I really like your blog.

jeffrey said...

Charlotte, I think Zirin's complaint about the Vick issue was the out of control sensationalism surrounding it.

Dogfighting is indeed awful. One of my closest friends rescued a Pit Bull puppy who we think was born on a dogfighting compound. She's one of the sweetest animals I've ever met.

It's also against the law and Vick is probably going to jail. But it's largely beside the point of the media coverage which upsets some people because it seems to imply violence against these animals is more outrageous than violence against women or that there is some sort of racial issue buried somewhere here.

There's also a very serious question of whether Vick's employer should be involved in disciplining him for activities that have nothing to do with his profession.

So there's a lot going on there. But my point is I didn't think Zirin was downplaying the seriousness of violence toward animals though.

I really liked Zirin. I bought two copies of his book so that I could read one and wear the other on a chain around my neck.

charlotte said...

I don't agree. I think he was condescending with his comments about people being more concerned with animal cruelty than violence against women. The idea that people who care about this issue don't care about violence against women, children or anyone else is absurd. I also think it's a easy out for people who want to portray "those animal rights people" as nuts. Respect for animal life and human life are not mutually exclusive.

I think people who trend toward the sarcastic use it as a weapon when someone challenges their statements. "Don't you have a sense of humor?" Passive aggression thinly veiled.

Frankly, I'm glad the media made a frenzy of it in that it brought this illegal and barbaric *sport* to the forefront.

That is all. I am grumpy tonight but also passionate about the barbarism of blood sports as entertainment. I mean, really.
I suggest reading Ashley's latest Vick post.

jeffrey said...

I don't disagree with you about Vick at all. I tried to make that clear. But I have heard the charges of sexism and racism leveled at me by close friends to whom I have brought this up.. and I have decided their complaints are at least valid.. if not necessarily always true.

I do disagree with you about Zirin, though. I still don't think he was being condescending.. or even very sarcastic for that matter.

jeffrey said...

Also.. I tend to take over-the-top earnestness as passive aggression myself, so.. you know... watch it :)

charlotte said...

Good point! :)