Monday, August 13, 2007

Oliver Thomas

I feel genuinely sorry for Ole' Thomas. He was holding back tears during that press conference. He showed genuine contrition and resigned (ARE YOU TAKING NOTES, VITTER !!! JEFFERSON!!!).

btw, here's a link to $Bill's personal finances...

The Special Election is October 20th. Let's get some good candidates in the race.

Drawing from the blogroll, here's my short list:
* Bart (Seconding Ray)
* Brian Denzer (just imagine him ripping on Riley)
* Matt McBride (just imagine him holding hearings with the Corps where they're confronted with a politician who knows more math than addition and subtraction!!!)

Here are the qualifications for the job:

(1) A councilmember shall be a citizen of the United States and a qualified elector of and domiciled in the City and shall not hold any other public office or position, except that the councilmember may hold the office of Notary Public, office in the military or naval forces or a position as a public school, public college, or public university administrator, teacher, instructor, or professor. Candidates for councilmember-at-large shall have been domiciled in the City for two years immediately preceding their election. Except as provided in paragraph (2) of this Section, candidates for district councilmember shall have been domiciled in the districts from which elected for at least two years immediately preceding their election. Any councilmember who ceases to be domiciled in the district from which elected shall thereby vacate the office.


Huck said...

I second the nomination of Denzer. I'd campaign morning till night for him. Let's try to work on him to convince him to run.

ashley said...

Hell, I qualify.

Don't get any ideas though.

Brian D said...

Nope, not, won't, can't -- and I'm sure you have me mixed up with somebody else. BTW, ripping on Riley would bring me no satisfaction, but I would certainly request his presence at some mandatory meetings on more open reporting and real community policing steps -- maybe invite him out to some potlucks with the community to thaw relations. I second Bart, and/or nominate Gadbois. I'm also partial to NENA's Patricia Jones to represent the Lower Nine. And how about Father Luke of Mary Queen of Vietnam, or Bill Quiqley.

Clay said...

Quigley would make a horrible council person.

I respect what he does and he's good at it, but he flat out doesn't have the temperament to be a legislator.

He has a tenancy to be a self-righteous asshole and dismiss everyone else's opinion. He knows everything. He is also easily upset.

I met him with my dad years ago. I don't know if he's still like that, but I assume so.