Thursday, August 30, 2007

Zirin continues his crusade

Sorry about no posts yesterday. Cox is currently sucking a cock, so no internet. I've got to head out to a coffeeshop to write.

Zirin's article in the Houston Chronicle about Rising Tide... Did you get the memo?

Here's the Deadspin interview I said was in the pipeline... Really interesting. The first comment is "You had me at Troglodytic Deadspin commenter."


Leigh C. said...

What a HOOT! But there's no leather involved, just A-Rod's receding hairline...

Incidentally, every time I check out Deadspin, I can't view any pictures afterwards on your blog or on any others I view. What's going on with THAT?

oyster said...

He had me at the casual "Hollywood Knights" reference:

"And besides it would offend my Uncle Lou who in fact has five penises. His pants fit like a glove."