Saturday, October 4, 2008

Best Local Blog Posts - September Edition

Here is my take on the best blog posts from NOLA bloggers in September in chronological order:

WCNO: How much misinformation can Jeff Masters put in one blog post? Correcting out-of-towner misconceptions about the city.

SCR: Eminence Front. "Evidently, we are not sufficiently scared." Countering overreaction before it came trendy.

WCBF: Attempting to Pivot to An Alternate Vision. Eli did so much good reporting on the Facilities Master Plan, it's hard to nail down just one post. Also spot on the airport deal.

SCR: Roll Call. The Heroes of Gustav.

WCBF: Southern Scrap. Devastating indictment of the company.

HC: "Mayor Declares I Heart Wrecking Balls" Also, a heartbreaking story from an NOFD wife.

WCBF: "We do not have a record but at least you have the land." Honestly, shit like this makes me never want to buy a house in New Orleans. If I were this poor lady, I'd rent a Bobcat and take a trip to Park Island.

AZ: "A Modest Proposal, Metry Edition" I think that a lot of Louisiana would like to show up to LaBruzzo's office and sterilize him.

PGR: "Pouring Drano down the New Orleans brain drain" Locals being neglected for carpet-baggers, especially with education.

PGR: "Remember the good old days?" Also, "“Staggering from crisis to crisis”"

Ray: "This is Our Katrina... In Connecticut?" A well deserved smackdown. It's Katrina because of a possible increase in public school enrollment? Please. Also, a hearty fuck-you to Lamont. You couldn't knock of Leiberman and now you continue to fail.

BONO: "ASCE Buttons Its Lips" Appalling behavior by a professional organization. The entire leadership should be cleared out. They are a blight on the reputation of engineers everywhere.

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