Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blogspotting NOLA - Oct 4th

First Draft: "Clutching at Straws." On self-delusion. Also gives a book review of the "The Fall of Berlin 1945," a book I've been interested. Along with William L. Shirer's book, it's among the WWII must-reads.

YRHT: "Permanent Pump Stations Delayed Until 2013?" More news from Matt McBride.

BONO: "Ninjas vs. Pirates?" Unleash the weirness.

Kevin Allman named Gambit editor. Congratulations. The Times-Picayune is in a slow death spiral from self-inflicted wounds. I hope Gambit steps up and takes their place.

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Kevin Allman said...

Clay, thanks for the congrats. I hope you'll keep reading and hold Gambit's feet to the fire.