Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yesterday's vote

Voted yesterday. Depended heavily on Dangerblonde's slate of judges. I voted the ticket when it came to the judges.

Jeffery points out the irony of New Orleans voters selecting an indicted congressmen and voting to fund the Inspector General the same night.

The new school board looks underwhelming, to say the least.

My big question: The Secretary of State's Election Results show $Bill and Cedric Richmond. Did the media screw up their projection? What gives?

UPDATE- Just to make sure I wasn't going insane (always a distinct possibility), I read through the precinct by precinct results for anomalies. The highest precinct total was actually for Moreno, not Richmond. As a further sanity check, I dumped the results to Excel and summed up the precinct ballots and got the same totals as the Secretary of State.

UPDATE 2- Oops. Forgot Jefferson Parish results where Moreno got another 5K votes and Richmond only got 1K.

UPDATE 3- Best wrap-up of $Bill making the runoff.