Saturday, October 4, 2008

Project Truck Update: No More Ugly Cowl!

Been doing some body work and continuing to paint the water pump. Lots of clear coats on the water pump will make it very shiny which will go well with all the engine chrome. I'm trying to get a new passenger door prepped for painting and installing.

While I was waiting on the paint to dry, I got a little mischievous with a hammer and removed that awful cowl on the hood.

Using a claw hammer to tear something to shreds is fun.

Took the hood off the truck to work on it on the ground. The thing is enormous. It's at least 4' x 8'. It's bigger than some modern cars!

The nice thing is now you can see the wonderful bullet shaped line that extends to the front.

We had a lot of sanding to do. Candice and I took shifts as our hands got numb.

But, eventually, it was ready to prime. Notice the U-shaped rusted area. The cowl trapped water underneath during the rain and that ate out a good chunk of the hood, but the metal is so thick, there's plenty left. Nothing a little welding + bondo can't handle.

I'm going to go back with a sandblaster and take care of a few details, but I didn't want the areas I worked on to be taken over by rust.

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Francine Stock said...

I'm so jealous! I used to have a 1966 fleetside - same tomato red. I sold it a few years back. I didn't have the energy or space to take care of it and do what you're doing. Soldier on!