Friday, October 3, 2008

Science Links and Videos

Ants commit suicide to save colony. The evolution of altruism?

Summer vs. Winter Gasoline Blends. Why gas prices always go down in the fall (even in non-election years).

Ocean dead=zones bigger than previously thought. Great report by Wired. Those dead zones were exacerbated by the corn-ethanol mandate from a few years ago. Remember, this is what Bush promised would "free us from our dependence on foreign oil."

Beware guys: "Sharing bed drains mens' brains.

And a couple of cool videos:

Mythbusters on gas densities affecting sound propagation - Watch more free videos
Very well designed table saw.
Table saws eat lots of fingers every year. Just imagine how many gruesome injuries could be avoided by popularizing this relatively simple device. Semi-related: Oilfield deaths up 70%. Lots of inexperienced workers, attracted by high pay, are out there and filling in for recently retire veterans.

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