Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thinking ahead

Getting back to doing a bit of posting, so I figure I'd post what's been on my mind the most.

After taking the P.E., I was wondering what to do with all of my free time. I've worked a little more on Patches (weather permitting). I've also been doing some thinking.

I've talked with a friend of mine and he said that for an engineer my age, more and more, the Master's degree is the "expected" degree. In a few years, Civil engineers will be required to have a Master's before they're allowed to sit for the P.E. This additional requirement is being pushed mainly by structural engineers. Also, from studying for the P.E., you realize how much is still out there that you really don't know and it's always nice to supplement your technical knowledge. There's also the thought of taking a few business classes.

I've signed up to go back to grad school. I've previously talked about it, but now I've signed up. I've taken the GRE (750 Quantitative; the English score doesn't matter for an engineer*) and filled out a bunch of forms to go to UNO.

One thing I will do when I go back is, as much as schedule allows, take what I'm interested in. As an undergrad, approximately 120 out of 140 hours are basically dictated to you and (especially if you're going through it in 4 years like me) it's a rush to get through.

Oh well. Back to drinking beer and bloody mary's for now.

UPDATE- Another interesting story from a coworker. He used to work for a big public utility in California. There, the engineers were encouraged to get lots of credentials. The recommended track was PE, MBA, Master's, then finally PhD. The goal was to have whatever engineer is working on a project be able to sit in front of the public service commission and beat them over the head with credentials until they got the rate increase they were looking for.

* The application should read: "Do you speak English? ... No? Well, we'll let you teach anyway if you want to anyway."

Mardi Gras 2011 - Muses vs. Krewe D'Etat

We're resting a bit before the madness of tomorrow's 5 parades. We'll have to fend off the barbarian hordes (Endymion watchers) and their ladders and encampments.

One funny note: the Muses vs. Krewe D'Etat battle going on.
Krewe D'Etat 2011
Krewe D'Etat Float 6, "Triple Sow Cow"

This is the float that Krewe D'Etat ran. Here's what their pamphlet said:

Triple Sow Cow

TRIPLE SOW COW – What’s this mooooving down the parade route? An over-stuffed, bovine figure skater? While we doubt the Swedish ice-skating master had this in mind when he created the triple sow cow, our version of this now classic move features a certain “krewe“ of whirling dervishes whose spins on things have slung mud (and ice) on many others in the past. But this time, the high-heeled mudslingers are in for the Tonya Harding treatment themselves. Mooooving targets are hard to hit, but the Dictator’s aim is true here, scoring a perfect 6.0. In addition to tossing out the high and low scores, watch for the old footwear that might also be flung from this float. Who knows, perhaps this year these full-figured skaters might even be able to witness this spectacle, rather than once again riding in our wake.

It mercilessly makes fun of the Krewe of Muses. The Muses ladies are pissed. I can't wait for the response.

UPDATE- One other little thing to think about is the background of the Krewes. Muses is a bunch of artsy women. Krewe D'Etat is basically the sons of the Momus and Comus crowd that are pissed the old line krewes don't parade anymore. That'll be funny to see as things develop.