Monday, April 30, 2007

McCain on The Daily Show

Part I
Part II

The most sensible debate on the Iraq War to date.

As an aside, I have enormous respect for McCain. I read his biography and it's a shame he's going to be collateral damage from Bush. I can't believe he still puts up with Bush after those "half-black love child" calls in South Carolina.

CODE Guardian

Part I:

Part II:


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ed Renwick Poll

Great post about Ed Renwick's poll.

How are certain leaders doing?
Do you feel the following should get a POSITIVE rating?

Person/Group Tot. Jeff. NO Tam. White Black

Eddie Jordan 9 8 13 6 5 25

For the record, you could double Special Ed's approval rating and he'd still be more unpopular than Bush is nationally. Yeah, he's that bad.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Crime Mapping Update - 27 April

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks since I last updated the crime map. It's going to get awfully bad once the summer rolls in, so if someone wants to give me a hand, let me know. All I need someone else to do is troll a couple of sources and email me digested crime reports.


Police: Couple's argument leads to shooting

01:41 PM CDT on Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Orleans Police said Thursday that an argument over drugs led to a shooting.

According to investigators, the incident happened at about 6:30 a.m. in the 4400 block of South Liberty Street.

Authorities said a man there pulled out a gun and shot a woman three times after the two got into a fight.

None of her injuries were to be life threatening.

Turn that into:

1400 South Liberty
Shooting - 26 April 2007


Download KMZ file on Rapidshare of the latest crime map

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good Reading

Funniest Obit ever. Apparently, this Matt Taibbi is a pretty damned good writer. I'll try to keep up on his stuff.

Great article in Wired about fighting corruption using the internet. We need to duplicate Chicago Crime and Maplight for Louisiana (ASAP!!!). It's our only chance at saving the city.

UPDATE- I wonder if C-Ray's obit will look something like that first article. Something to the effect of "he was an idiot, but at least he was our idiot."

Baghdad on the Bayou

Article in City Journal

Tip of the Hat to NOLA Against Crime.

UPDATE- You know what, the whole New Orleans/Iraq analogy thing has gotten a little cliche as of late. Why not compare New Orleans to the Wild Wild West or, even more creatively, Mos Eisley.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Keep Talkin'

Recently in New Orleans, a lot of suspects have been arrested thanks to tips by the community. KEEP IT UP!!! Silence is violence!

This is absolutely appalling. It's the opposite of what's been happening recently in New Orleans. It's all about the "Stop Snitchin'" campaign. Watch the video, it gets even worse.

Tip of the hat to NO Slate.

UPDATE- Article in Baltimore Sun about their city (aka- Noladishu Jr.)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Feds get Thugs off the street

1 still sought

Here's a look at what I've mapped out on that corner:

1900 Second Street

UPDATE- Since I Eddie Jordan has a nickname (Special Ed), I think we need to come up with a nickname for Jim Letten.

My suggestion: Jim "No Letup!" Letten

Migrant Workers

Excellent (albeit long) piece in the NY Times about Migrant Workers

This might seem like an odd story to focus on, but I want to go into some detail about this article. I'm going to write some of this post tonight and some later. Some of it will be about offshore life. Some of it will be random thoughts.

How much would you sacrifice for your children? Would you go halfway across the globe for years at a time to make sure your kids had food, clothing, and a good education? Millions of Filipinos would.

I've actually worked around them a lot. They are all over South Louisiana. Over the past 5 years, they've come in to the country in increasing numbers. Lots of companies just can't get enough welders, pipe fitters, etc. locally. Crappy local schools and a huge outmigration of the best and brightest from South Louisiana has taken its toll on the workforce. Companies have had to bring in foreign workers to fill the gap. These guys are paid American wages (from what I understand, they're even on par with union wages). I've worked and even lived beside them, but never really thought too much about their lives until reading that article.

On one of my recent offshore trips, I had to stay in the "temporary" quarters that were added to increase the number of workers that could live on this particular platform at any given time. The quarters have actually earned the moniker, "the Ghetto" from the crew.

"The Ghetto"

They actually aren't that bad. They're better than some of Tulane's dorms! In each of the sub-units, there are two bedrooms with a common bathroom (that's a little grungy, but isn't as bad as it could be). 8 people total per sub-unit. Most of the name comes from their crappyness in contrast to the main quarters (some of which are like the Hilton).

One big advantage of the Ghetto is that it's HVAC system is on a different thermostat from the main quarter. The Ghetto's HVAC system can't keep the quarters cooler than 68 degrees. That's a good thing, because the thermostat-nazi's on the platform always keep the air on max. In the main quarters, it's kept around 60 degrees with a constant gale blasting out of the ducts! Ever try to sleep in 60 degrees with only a thin blanket? It sucks!

Anyway, I was assigned to the Ghetto and slept with crew of Filipino workers. It's was a little odd, but nothing too weird. You had a language barrier. They were pretty respectful of others, so it didn't really bother me. I know that all sounds a little vague, but I don't want to put down something that could get me into trouble (you never know with some of that stuff).

Anyway, I'll write more later. Didn't know about all these guys have to go through, though.

Open Mouth

...Insert Foot

Sunday, April 22, 2007

And now for something completely different...


Guns in Pakistan

Damn. And people complain about America's gun-culture...

Crime Mappin Update - 22 April 2007

Latest KMZ file hosted on Google Earth.

Times-Pic: Block is Crime Magnet Here's all the incidents near that block that I've mapped out over the past few months:

2100 Josephine

Lots of murders and shootings.

So, I'm almost finished reading Tipping point. There's a lot of discussion of Broken Window Theory. I'll bet that if you look at my crime mapping, and recent city attempts to map blight, there will be a strong correlation.

Instead of signs saying "ENOUGH," and "THOU SHALT NOT KILL," maybe we should be protesting against blight? Maybe a "Blight Kills" would be more appropriate? I'm not naive enough to think that will solve the problem (there's WAY too much screwed up for anything to fix anything), but it could be a place to start.

Here are 3 suggestions on where to focus blight-fighting:

1800 Bayou Road

Area around Monroe and Hickory (Hollygrove)

2300 Tureaud, near the Duck Off

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Murder update


Seventy one murders to date! And that doesn't include 3 (assumed) justifiable homicides.

I checked it twice to make sure I got it right.

Collection of crime mapping files. All of my mapping efforts to date in KMZ and KML format, plus just the 2007 file alone.

A couple of things to point out:
> Since I first started the mapping, the murder hotspots have shifted away from Central City to Treme/Mid City.
> Recently, the shooters in Treme have been extremely accurate (or there are even more shootings in that area that even I believe).
> I've also noticed that as of the past 2 weeks or so, an impressive number of murderers have been arrested as a result of witnesses coming forward. Very encouraging. We'll see what happens when "Special Ed" gets a hold of them...

Wetlands and Marshes and Bloggers, oh my!

Look at what rising sea levels will do to the coastlines around the world. It starts off over in Europe, but scroll over to see Louisiana's coast. Time to start buying beachfront property in Baton Rouge!

Oh yeah, and the US is spending 100 million to restore Iraqi marshes. They've also got plans and are taking action. They're not studying it to death. It's an old headline, but I figure I'd bring it up again.

Great article about bloggers, libel, and the evolution of the 4th Estate (PDF).

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Would you stop?

Excellent social experiment written up in the Washington Post

I'd be willing to wager they'd have much better results in New Orleans.

Blakely in the NY Times


Blakely tells it like it is, even when it's things we'd rather not talk about.

New Orleans now is “a third-world country,” he said.

Hmmm. Maybe we should just erect a new sign:

UPDATE- This has really divided the New Orleans blogging community. Some are Extremely upset. Some think he hit the nail on the head. It's fascinating. I definitely side with the second group, but it's great watching the (productive) back and forth.

Blakely clarifies his comments.

UPDATE 2- Well, you knew this was coming.

UPDATE 3- The best roundup of buffoon-gate. The Tony Amato parallels are starting to scare me...

Nagin and History

From Gambit
Why does a politician with charisma to burn waltz across the public stage, changing like a chameleon and tossing verbal hand grenades like some Comedy Channel wannabe?

This article is charitable towards Nagin, which is shocking. When you read it, you'll see why.

Nagin will probably end up in the trash heap of history. Right next to Marrion Barry and David Dinkins...

UPDATE- I was thinking it over and there is one thing good I get from the article. The next mayor should be selected based off their ability to get on their knees and beg for assistance from the state and the feds.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Todler with AK-47

I believe this is called a "poisonous environment" by Social Services. Sick.

Oh yeah, it's also the #1 most popular video on right now. Another great example of New Orleans Thugs acting as our ambassadors to the country...

Friday, April 6, 2007

Lusher Crawfish Boil

I know there are more Lusher Parent bloggers out there than you can shake a stick at.

Anyone know when the Lusher Crawfish Boil is?


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Interesting articles to read

Our Crumbling Foundation

The levees are failing!!! Oh yeah, and it's not in Louisiana...

City's evacuation plan still in disarray (video)

Lest we forget, here's a list of Nagin's Campaign Contributors

The Iraq War, by the numbers.

Eddie Jordan's Bodyguard Arrested. This one just sort of slipped through the cracks.

These are the guys behind Sanjaya or whatever his name is still being on American Idol. I hate Idol, but I really admire what they're doing. It's subversion at its finest. These people don't seem to be too happy about it, though.

Update- A great Op Ed about the rebuilding "plan." Tip of the hat to Adrastos.

Fun with photos

I've heard some people refer to her as Hedgehog, because of her prickly personality.

Looks like there are now MANY new opportunities for torture fun! Speed Racer, Sonic the Hedgehog, ... the list goes on and on!

Cynthia's alter-ego

Seems the woman has a thing for her wheels, especially SUV's. I will give her one thing, the Times-Pic could have at least picked a better file photo. This one looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

PS- I really want to get Photoshop or at least something close. Anyone know any good, cheap equivalent for OS X? Or a cheap source for an older version of Photoshop?

This will lift your spirits...

"Do you know who I am? Yes Ma'am. You're a fool.

The sad thing is the trooper probably saved her from getting a Darwin Award. Driving 100 mph on the shoulder (hell, on any Louisiana roads) is a sure way to get yourself killed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Murder Pool

The Crime and Safety forum is a good place to find reports of shootings that don't get reported on the news. There are a lot of disgruntled NOPD taking out their frustration there. Here's one of the most shocking recent threads. It's their "Murder Pool." Guess how many murders there will be by the end of the year...

Sneaky Birdie 258
Punisher 240
Ops 300
Critter 299
JoeHopeless 225
Watchout 365
57936 190
fantastic 423
Flossy 275
DirectDeposit 317
sdmoretti 329
Loyola 325
Paul 315
1vande 232
Waupee 321.5
bodyaid 293
LAPerson 344
Cat55 304
jimzak 225
nolanative 323
allfedup 216
kmsoap 283
chitownwave 217
RueRoyal2 266
OWW 285
Oldpops53 253

About 25% of those handles are for NOPD officers. What's your guess? I'm going to be an "optimist" and say 229. That will be only a little bit more than a 40% increase in murder.

UPDATE- Oyster 223
UPDATE2- Adam 205

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lunar Crime Wave?

I normally don't give any credence to astrology-type BS, but it's been pointed out to me that the previous weekend's murder spree happened during a particularly full moon...

Thought I'd just pass that along.

Monday, April 2, 2007

More Murders

I update my mapping and then there's a huge wave of violence. I think I double counted one or two murders, but a quick (or at least as quickly as can be done, given the HUGE number of murders) gives me the following totals:
* 8 on the West Bank
* 1 in the Lower 9th (+ 1 Justifiable Homicide)
* 7 in N.O. East (+ 1 Justifiable Homicide)
* 4 in Hollygrove/Black Pearl
* 2 in Irish Channel/LGD (+ 1 Justifiable Homicide)
* 8 in Central City
* 29 in Treme/7th Ward/(everything between Canal and the Industrial Canal).

I'd be nice if someone double checked my efforts, but that gives me a total of:

59 Murders*

* +3 Justifiable Homicides

Crime WILL go up as the weather gets warmer. Bet on it. Things will get far worse before they get better.

UPDATE- And another murderer goes free...

If someone could go in and double check the neighborhood by neighborhood tally, that would be extremely helpful. I might have double counted the markers in Treme. Don't forget there are a few double homicides in there.

Google Earth Reverses Course

Google Earth has their post-flood satellite photos back up. Noticed it this morning.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Crime Mapping - 1 April

Updated 2007 Crime Map
Unfortunately, this is no April Fool's Joke

I did crime mapping with religious fervor from August 2006 to February of this year, and then it's sort of tailed off. It got sort of depressing and I got busy at work, so I just let it slide.

Well, I went to the Geek Dinner last night, met a bunch of people who were pretty impressed by it, so I decided to update it.

Today, I woke up, made a huge pot of coffee, put in a Bush CD and just started rolling. I went on a caffeine and angry-music fueled crime mapping rampage.

Download Google Earth file.

UPDATE- Damn, only a fraction of the updates are showing up. Here's another post of the KML file. Open it in Google Earth to get the good stuff.

After doing this latest crime map, I believe Riley, et. al. have lost whatever thread of control on the situation they may have had. We need to shove it in their face. I would like to start putting together animated You Tube videos using narrations of crime reports. If you've got a good narrator's voice, please shoot me an email. I'll send you a script, you read it, send me back the audio file and then I'll whip up a video.