Sunday, January 28, 2018

Statue of Liberty

Give us your weird,
your poor,
your huddled asses 
yearning to be spanked,
the wretched refuse and 
your gleaming whores.
Send these, the homeless,
healthcare-lost to me,
I lift my go-cup beside
the famous door!

Krewe du Vieux 2018 in the bag

All Hail King Dick.  Richard Campanella.

This was one of those magical Krewe du Vieux years.  Everything looks like it's going to be a disaster up until the very last minute and then everything just comes together.  At noon, there was a 100% chance of a severe thunderstorm forecast for just when we were going to parade, but all we got was some aggressive misting.  The weather turned out to be perfect.  Just cool enough to make the costumes work, wet enough to keep folks from getting too dehydrated, not too wet where it depressed turnout or ruined costumes. 

The streets were quite slick with Bourbon Street Gumbo, but everyone came well prepared with good boots.  

The crowds were large and very well behaved (and when they weren't, it was in a good way).

Fantastic KdV last night.  Parade Thoughts:
* Battery powered LED's are great to incorporate into costumes.  Strong and bright and long lasting. Very waterproof and lightweight.
* The foggy French Quarter is mystical.
* The Spank Crowns were a hit. Light and easy to carry lots of them.

* We had the prettiest Mulicorn, Claudia.

Today will mostly be a day of recuperation.