Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wetland Photos

Crossing onto the Louisiana coast:

The mouth of the river:

This is my most important photo. This is the lifeblood of Louisiana. This is the very point at which the Mississippi hits the Gulf. It's the Southwest Pass.

Near the "Wagon's Wheel":

The "Wagon's Wheel" in Google Earth

The Lower Mississippi:

Some other random photos:

Sorry it took a while to get things up. Part of the problem is I've been scanning these photo's at 1200 dpi. Those files are way too big to deal with. 150 dpi scans much more quickly and is much easier to deal with.

UPDATE- The set of Flickr.


TravelingMermaid said...

Your new posts look awesome and the pix are great. However, I have a bitchin' migraine so will be back to read this week-end. Taking drugs.....going to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Great pix. What is the story on the Wagon's Wheel?

Clay said...

That's the nickname people have given it. It looks like a wagon wheel from the air. It's from a network of channels dredged years ago for some gas platforms. That's pretty much all I know about that.

Those little gas platforms tend to be tied back into 2 central processing and compression unit (like the one pictured in the first random photo).

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. I knew what it looked like in Google but those pics are so damn sad..

Anonymous said...

Here are pictures from when I was offshore around the same time last year (~11 months ago) - there are a lot of wetlands and coast pictures towards the end of the set from the helicopter ride back. There is not a patch of wetland that I saw that was not lacerated by a canal, pipeline or other manmade entity.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! The travesty is only partially the number of canals. I went and looked on and saw a large number of very long straight canals. Of course, winding canals dissipate energy from the water as it sloshes up the canal. Straight canals serve as a direct conduit from the sea inland with little dissipation of energy - just like MRGO in Katrina.

julie said...

stumbled upon your site reading misc. items. i really like your pictures of the wetlands. will admit i didn't read just skimmed over your page. do you do work on the coast?