Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project Truck Update: Patches Lives!

Very sore as I type this. Got a lot done on the truck yesterday.
World's biggest Christmas present
Friday, I got an 100-lb. package from the UPS guy.
New Seat
Inside was a bench seat from a '58 Chevy truck. It's in pretty good shape, considering it's 50 years old.
Polished up bench seat
After Candice polished it up with gallons of Armor All, it was back to being nice and shiny.

Next, we had to back the truck out the garage and get the driver's door back on and properly aligned. Those doors are hard to hang and a cast iron bitch to get properly aligned. Went to get a fresh battery, because the current couldn't keep a charge since this episode. One thing that shocked me: batteries are more than double of when I purchased the last one! In only a year and a half or so, lead prices have gone through the roof.

Anyway, how do you get a truck out when you have no seat? Easy:
All trucks should have no doors
Just sit on a tool box!

Next, we cleaned up the interior:
Put the seat in and a seat belt:
... and it was ready to roll.

The truck roared to life and drove it home. The plan is to using for moving today. We'll see if the rain will hold out. But, the truck is no longer a garage-queen. It now lives on the street.
Patches arrives at home

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