Thursday, May 8, 2014

Louisiana Oil Production

A couple charts I put together.  Note that all numbers are "C+C" (crude + condensate).  Also, today, oil closed at $100.28/barrel (WTI / NYMEX).

Fig.1- Land-based oil production in Louisiana (1945-2013).  Source.  
Cumulative Production: 12,060,534,213 Barrels
Value at today's price: $1,209,430,370,879.64  

Fig.2- Coastal Oil Production (1956-2013). Source.  
Cumulative Production: 1,583,567,654 Barrels
Value at today's price: $158,800,164,343.12

Fig.3- Gulf of Mexico (OCS / Federal Waters) Oil Production (1947-2013).  Source.
Cumulative Production: 18,598,496,642
Value at today's price: $1,865,057,243,259.76

If anyone wants to go ahead and use these graphics, go right ahead.  I'd love to see it spread out there.  

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