Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Great Sports Journalism

"Friction and fractures erode faith in Mitchell's investigation. Damn. I take my hat off to Howard Bryant. You've just written the best sports journalism article of the year.

The Mitchell investigation is MLB's official investigation into the Steroid Era. It's due later this week. A lot of hardcore fans, including myself, are eagerly awaiting its release.

It's basically Selig's chance to save his reputation and he's not doing so well so far. He appointed someone with a good reputation, but some serious conflicts of interest.

Bryant's article rips the Mitchell report a new one (before it's even released!). He looks like he's got some great sources for this stuff. He even brings up a big skeleton out of Selig's closet: the sale of the Red Sox to Larry Lucchino's group. That business deal was corrupt to the core and even Selig's cronies defrauding a charity whose most high profile activity paid for treatment for cancer patients (especially children). Nice one Selig! Those baldies weren't going to use that money for long, anyway! I hear William Jefferson has a job offer for you, if he stays out of prison... Anyway, the deal was crooked to the core and should have gotten Selig axed.

Even if you're not a baseball fan, you can see some good journalism by clicking the link.

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