Monday, December 10, 2007

Hillary in free fall...

Hillary had a plan to win the presidency: Raise a shitload of cash (Check). [Women used to earn 68 cents for every dollar a man made... Now Giulliani is making 40 cents for every Hillary dollar...] Get an early lead (Check). Spread a "media narrative" about being the inevitable candidate and having things locked up (CHECK!). Keep Bill mostly stashed in the background to keep from overshadowing your campaign (Check). Stay ruthlessly on message (until recently, check). Stomp on your opponents windpipe until their body stops twitching (Oops.)

Ever watch a campaign implode? Witness the Kindergarted Offensive. Almost the worst handled offensive since Operation Blue {Stalingrad}.

Tack on stories about how she'll kill the campaigns of Blue Dog Democrats, like Mary Landrieau...

Hillary Clinton is doing everything wrong that she used to be doing right and as a result, we get to enjoy reading things like this:

..they have exposed Hillary as a New York Yankees-style villain who buys all the best players but seems to resent having to actually win it between the lines.

Matt Taibbi rips on Hillary. Read the entire article. It's well worth it.

Oh yeah, even though it isn't baseball season and this has nothing to do with baseball: FUCK THE YANKEES! Just had to shoehorn that in there.


oyster said...

Taibbi: "Hillary's almost Belichickian level of smugness..."


jeffrey said...

Taibbi is my hero.