Sunday, April 5, 2009

Science Links and an Experiment

Why do ants never get in traffic jams? No overtaking, lots of tailgating, and everyone moving in unison.

Creationism's huge win in Texas. Creationists on state school board order watering down of Texas school books. Since Texas is one of the largest markets for textbooks, it's likely that every new science textbook in the country will have to be watered down to please creationists.

Where oil comes from. Instant refutation of creationism.

Cold fusion breakthrough? We'll see if it's science or pseudo-science. It's a Navy lab, so you can't just discount it immediately.

Nuclear power comes to Antarctica. Tired of lugging around lots of diesel, 1960's scientists turn to nuclear power for their scientific needs.

Photos from a guided tour of Chernobyl. Extremely cool. I'd love to tour Chernobyl one day. I like the part where he describes how the guide threw a shit-fit when someone put their cap on the ground (and hence picked up radioactive dust).

$200 garage-made space probe. Very cool project by a bunch of high school kids.

The internet. Represented as a subway map.

And now for the experiment of the day:
Cannonball thrown into a vat of Mercury

Will it sink or will it float? Here's your hint.

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