Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crime Updates - 28 April 2009

Charges reduced against Mardi Gras trio. If these guys get "Eddie Jordan'd," it would be bad news for the city. You can't have people thinking you can get away with shootings along the parade route.

A Romantic Dinner, New Orleans-style. Recounting a home invasion.

Memo to junkies: don't brink the kiddies along when you buy smack.

13 Armed Robberies Reported. Lots are in the area. My favorite part of the article:

The New Orleans Police Department's major offense logs released Monday show armed robberies comprised the bulk of the city's violent crime Friday through Sunday. The weekend spike in armed robberies came just after NOPD officials announced that reported crimes, especially armed robberies, were down in the first three months of the year.

Keeping an ineffective police chief is starting to take an economic toll: Huge convention cancels (because Nagin/Riley can't keep a lid on crime).

Girlfriends Now Become Targets. The unarmed family members/girlfriends don't put up the fight that intended targets do and are easier to find. It reminds me about how in ancient times, they'd hunt down the children so they couldn't take revenge at a later date. Barbaric.

On Eddie Jordan: Defeated. An old post, but essential reading if you want to know how Warren Riley continues to hold a leadership position within NOPD (and not say, cleaning toilets with a toothbrush).

Army soldiers, contractors stole fuel, sold it on Iraqi black market . The fuel may have later been resold to finance the Iraqi Insurgency.

And to close with something entertaining:
Laughing Car Thief Steals Bait Car, Stops Laughing

From the Houston Chronicle. The first douchebag is priceless.

UPDATE - A couple more things to tack on the end:

Goth Kids Terrorizing New Orleans Cemeteries?

Solar Car Tour Hits Bump in French Quarter. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!

David Duke Detained on Holocaust Denial. Neo-Nazi that won the majority of the white vote in Louisiana when he ran for governor. Almost made it into the runoff for Vitter's Senate seat.

Woman Burnt to death in road rage incident. When someone tried to get her out of her burning vehicle (from the wreck she caused) here's what happened:

“I opened the driver’s door wide. It opened easily. The person looked at me, it was a big built woman. I said ’You’ve got to get out of the car. It’s going to burst into flames’.

“The person replied ’F*** off, just f*** off’ and she raised her right fist towards me in a threatening manner before slamming the door shut.

Self-immolation. See Republican Party behavior for more information.

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Leigh C. said...

Saw that solar car on the next street downtown from Broadway on the river side of St Charles. Daaamn right those horrific thieves have killed any inclination we might have to acquire nice things!