Monday, January 8, 2007

2007 Total Crime

I'm going to make my 2007 Crime Map as detailed as possible with data from as many sources as possible. I'm also breaking down crimes into categories.

.KMZ File Hosted on Rapidshare

2007 Murder Totals (-8PM Jan 8th):
Orleans: 10 Murders
Jefferson: 2 Murders

Here's what the City's Public Crime Map looks like. Notice the last time it was updated.

And here's Houston's.


Tim said...

Great maps! Keep up the great work. We know the city's not going to update those maps anytime soon.



astrapomancy said...

Heya. I had the same idea a few days ago, threw together a .kmz, and posted it to LJ ( ), only to find out someone had already done it better. Nice work.

I'm going to keep working with this data, but since you've got the .kmz end sewn up, I might focus on a webpage or something, Want to correspond on this?