Friday, November 9, 2007


I'm going to rip off The eXile and publish a few nasty comments I got with some (deserved) skewering.

Iknow it's popular among some folks to describe Jordan as a "convicted racist," but that's wrong, if for no other reason than the implication that racism is a criminal offense for which one can stand trial. [You are correct. Unfortunately, stupidity is also in the same category.] It's also wrong because if he'd had such irate opposition to the presence of white people, he'd have fired the white folks on his legal staff, but he didn't.

Well Jarvis is he or is he (jordan) not a convicted racist.
[Actually, I've always written that Jordan tried to turn the DA's office into a political patronage position to benefit his mentor, $Bill, but I guess that's too complicated for you and your buddy Jarvis. I thought that Times-Picayune was supposed to be written for 8th graders, but now I realize that's too high a standard for the likes of you.] I guess its hard to admit that your friend is a racist when you think so much like him. [OH NO! Someone else besides Jay Arena knows our secret!] Your true colors were shown in this article now everyone else knows your a racist too. [And now, everyone knows what a dumbass you are.]

If Jordan wasn't a racist and Incompetent why did he resign. I'm sure your next racist article will try to spin it.
[Actually, now that he's done the honorable thing and fallen on his sword, I was going to give him a break, but I might have to go to his house and take a dump on his front porch just for you...]


Royal Alexander hearts Pedophiles
Royal Alexander didn't cover up a damn thing for Mark Foley. It was Royal Alexander and Congressman Rodney Alexander who finally put a stop to it. [Ah yes, he learned about it in 2005 and he had a secret plan to take out Mark Foley 47 Ronin-Style. The plan was still underway when those damned liberal media broke the story! 'Damn you, hippies! You ruined my plan to take over the world protect the cute bouncing buns of little boys!] You haven't a clue what you are talking about. the behavior had been going on for ten years prior to Royal's arrival. [Actually, probably a lot longer than that...] Royal notified the house leadership on four seperate ocassions. the only thing you said that is correct is that Buddy Caldwell has a hard on for Edwin Edwards. [At least he doesn't cover the tracks of people with hard ons for little boys.] I will add that he is slightly harder for Eddie Jordan, about whose extraordinary incompetence Caldwell "doesn't know". [Umm, this might sound hard to believe, but Louisianaians outside of New Orleans don't believe the entire state revolves around the Crescent City...]

Royal could make this whole thing disappear by making all his email and correspondence public, but there's no way in hell he's doing that. He wants this incident to disappear from the public consciousness. He's lucky in that Buddy Caldwell seems to be giving him some slack on that front. From every poll I've seen, he can afford to because he's got a pretty hefty lead. Also, it's a good thing he doesn't have many "friends" like you throwing rocks into hornets nest about episodes he's rather not talk about. Do you really think he wants to be answering questions about what he did or didn't do relative to Mark Foley? No way in hell.


I allow anonymous comments, but some people are abusing the privilege. Keep it up fuckers and I'll start posting IP addresses and fingering the guilty parties...

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