Monday, July 9, 2007

Copper Thefts

Synagogue floods again... because of copper thieves. Disgusting. Thousands of dollars of damage for MAYBE $100 worth of copper. Most copper thefts are on the order of $10 or so. Each theft generally takes at least hundreds of dollars to fix.

It's not just a New Orleans phenomenon, either. It's happening all over the world.

The local copper thieves don't target "the man." No, they go for easy targets. Like churches, unguarded homes, and the few business brave enough to open up down here. In a way, I'd understand it if these crooks were starving and targeted Audubon Place or C Ray's home on Park Island. I wouldn't condone it, but it would at least be logical. Instead, it's sad that human beings are shitting where they eat.

Other News:

It's the people vs. the government.

Like it or not, Ron Paul is now a major candidate for the Republican Nomination. I like him. Many don't. A lot of dickhead reporters are trying to pigeonhole him as a "second tier" or "third tier" candidate. This should serve notice that they are dead wrong. Anyone who doesn't understand Ron Paul doesn't understand what conservatives used to stand for. His strain of conservatism will show up more and more in the Republican Party, I hope.

Chinese Executes Crooked Government Official. Oh, imagine if Michael Chertoff was "hung from the neck until dead." THAT would be justice. I can think of a stable of local politicians I can add to that gallows. If there were a ballot initiative to add the death penalty for corruption by corrupt officials, my only response would be, "Fry 'em." The only question would be, "Tender or extra crispy?"

Are humans smarter than yeast? Overpopulation is the single greatest threat to humanity. It exacerbates all other problems (especially pollution). And accompanying video:

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Adam said...

Beth Israel simply can't get a break. Seriously, stealing copper wire? Did the crooks run out of 7/11s to knock off?