Friday, July 13, 2007

Jordan Appeasers/Vote in Poll at top

I continue to be pissed off as hell, and I'm only getting madder.

This morning, Cynthia Hedge Morrell disavowed Ms. Midura's statement and said it was "not the best option..." You can read her statement here. View the video here.

Ms. Midura's letter is the ONLY VIABLE OPTION at this point. The City Council has TRIED working with Jordan. They've shown him infinite patience. They've given him extra funding. They have given him everything he's asked for and he STILL fails miserably.

Anyone who disavows Ms. Midura's letter is a Jordan Appeaser. Period.

I called Fielkow's office and his office confirms that Ms. Midura's letter is "not the best option at this time."

For their actions disavowing Ms. Midura's letter, I hearby label Councilman Fielkow and Councilwoman Morrel Jordan Appeasers...

I just recieved this email from Councilwoman Head's Office:

Calling for Mr. Jordan's resignation, while potentially making me feel
good, will have absolutely no positive impact on the operations of his
office. A recall and an impeachment are likewise futile efforts.
Instead, along with several of my colleagues, I am asking the Supreme
Court to exercise its legal power and appoint a special prosecutor to
immediately step into the D.A.s office and make needed changes therein.
Such changes will have immediate impact such as assuring that
experienced prosecutors are assigned to murder cases instead of
inexperienced attorneys like Ms. Webb, who handled the Anderson case.

Stacy Head
Councilmember, District B

While not publicly calling for Jordan's resignation, her position appears to differ from the position Councilwoman Morrell described this morning. She appears to not only call for the Special Prosecutor to take over the quintuple murder case, but also the entire DA's office! Hire the state to do Jordan's job for him! I've got a letter in to her office for clarification.

UPDATE- Here's the latest response:

I did not hear C. Morrell, so I am not sure what her position is.
However, the letter that I co-authored to Justice Calogero requests a
special prosecutor to step into the D.A.'s office to investigate/improve
-- this is a wide scope without limitation to one type case or aspect to
the D.A.'s duties.

Stacy Head
Councilmember, District B

So, it appears the letter that was sent (still yet to be released as of my knowledge at the time of my writing) is significantly broader in scope from what Councilwoman Morrell described in the video this morning. This COULD (I stress, COULD) be an acceptable alternative to Ms. Midura's letter.

UPDATE 2- Check the poll at the top.


Anonymous said...

It is still completely unacceptable that Head has no public stance on this case, and that what she wrote you is not out there for her entire district to see. Why didn't she put this on her website or come out and say it to the press? Central City is in her district; she has to show her people that she's responsive and fit to lead.

Anonymous said...

"special prosecutor to step into the D.A.'s office to investigate/improve"

Oh I just love that line. Here we go again, bring in special consultants because someone cant do his job.

Jordan needs a special prosecutor to show him how to do his job. Riley needs "Out of Town" Brown to show him how to do his job. And Nagin needs Blakley.
And whatever happened to Browns report anyway, his 6 months to complete his report has come and gone.

And meanwhile back at the ranch, another victim dies in NolaVille.

Anonymous said...


Head is acting like the lawyer she is: spinning the issues, then passing it off to another lawyer for more billable hours.

She is a mook.

Anonymous said...

You are doing excellent work here Clay. Maitri too. Hell yea.

Anonymous said...

Ditto here Clay. I'm can't say it better than Ashley: just more billable hours to cover for someone who can't do his job. Stacy Head has been a great big disappointment on this issue. I won't forget how she caved in when we needed real leadership. Way to go Shelley!

Anonymous said...

I voted yes on the condition that it was "supreme court appointed"