Monday, July 9, 2007

House Gutting

So this weekend, in addition to a nice little jaunt out of the city, I helped a fellow blogger gut their house. Thanks for putting out the call, Ray.

Swung a crowbar for a while. Chucked some plaster out the window. I'm still sore. No worries, though.

One nice little bit: some computer science people rigged up a chute to catch debris from the second story. Ray got the idea to use contractor bags to dispose of debris to keep the dust down. Unfortunately, the ramp was not up to snuff and cracked in half. Structural design apparently isn't part of the coursework. I re-engineered the ramp and here I am testing the strength of my creation:

I could jump up and down on the middle of the new ramp without any problems.


Anonymous said...

So I never took statics. Shoot me.

LisaPal said...

Hooray! You have pictures! Lots of mine didn't come out so good and you are a pretty much a motion blur in them. (What energy you have!!!) I was hoping Ray would post his soon so I can blog them, but he'll be tied up for a while.

Thank you SO MUCH for your help with this daunting task. I really don't have the words at my disposal to convey the depth of my gratitude and I don't even think such words exist.

Many blessings to you, Clay.

Anonymous said...

I only have a couple, actually. I have two of you and ray and alan on the porch, and that.